Seamless AI Review: How-To, Pricing, Pros, Cons (2024 Guide)

Seamless AI Review: Features, Pricing, & Getting Started (2024 Guide)

by Alan Jackson — 1 month ago in Review 9 min. read

In business, cold calling often is a game of blind. I mean you (sales person) don’t know the persona of the customer they are calling to.

This practice of inviting sales for business is a daunting task, especially when you’re following outdated data.

What can rescue here is… artificial intelligence software, think of Seamless AI platform that can streamline the cold outreach process by providing verified data and beyond.

Seamless AI has been gaining quite surplus demand between B2B and B2C enterprises over the last year. In our Seamless AI review, get insightful information about platform covering its features, pros, cons, pricing, and much more.

Behold till the end…!

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What Is Seamless AI?

Seamless AI Logo
Seamless AI Logo

Seamless AI is creatively designed for sales professionals, is a sales enriching tool powered with artificial intelligence technologies that finds and develops sales leads, potentially.

The platform goes beyond sales prospecting as it includes an AI writer tool that is trained on generative AI algorithms to produce high-quality sales copy so that you can easily craft cold outreach emails.

The software is a power-bundle for every sales marketer who wants to successfully complete cold calling objectives, effectively and efficiently.

Who & Why Developed Seamless AI?

Brandon Bornancin is the mind behind the origination of and counts in the top 10 Linkedin startups that what its Linkedin profile says.

Seamless AI being in the competition with other sales lead generation software like Zoominfo. Thanks to artificial intelligence, has something more to offer and more to generate at its capabilities.
Being said that it can scoops, filters, and develops potential clients by processing generative AI capabilities to dispense data at quality to the salesperson.

What Are The Technologies Behind Seamless.AI?

Seamless AI is sales prospective ready-to-use software for generating leads relevant to the business nature. It uses an artificial intelligence network called generative AI to analyze, rectify, and develop potential data for sales leads.

As this software uses AI at its heart, it solitarily works as prey. It is because its real-time search engine finds and validates emails and phone numbers of your visitors that tap into your pipeline of campaign, website, or anywhere that interact with your business.

In between all of this, artificial intelligence does its job by building accurate lead lists and connecting with the right prospects to drive sales.

What Are The Features Of Seamless AI Tool?

Seamless AI software poses several features which makes it worth using. First and foremost, its search engine is overrated because of AI assistance that offers very clean, real-time search.

Let’s go over its complete features of Seamless AI to determine if it’s worthy of its price tag.

AI-Powered Real-Time Search Engine

One of the overrated features of is its artificial intelligence search engine that delivers email, phone, location, and intel based on company name and websites.

By using filters, you can get depth results and insightful details, so you can target better clients.

Filters parameters include senioritis, departments, titles, industries, technologies, and company. These features might help salespersons to target the right people to contact, build accurate lead lists.

Powerful Integration

The second best feature of seamless ai is its capability of third-party apps and software integration to its hub.

The platform incubates powerful and number of integration tools covering all major aspects of marketing, sales, and recruitment.

By connecting to these apps, you can quickly do more in less time. Marketing team can easily focus on their core jobs while the sales team can avoid back and forth between different software.

Each integration available on the platform is helpful from the point of view of marketing and sales objectives.


The third feature that we have noticed in is the Autopilot feature (only available in premium plan) that acts as a predator for your sales team.

Autopilot runs in the background and takes care of your most primitive concern i.e. generate new leads. It digs up thousands of leads by harnessing its technology.

It doesn’t end here, taking extra steps like verifying the contact’s information, such as emails and phone numbers so your team gets verified data in time.

The only thing that annoys me is that this feature is not available other than the premium plan.

Buyer Intent Data

Indulging seamless ai for buyer intent data is much helpful and faster than the traditional method – using tools to identify intent data of persona i.e. keyword research.

Keyword Research is still in practice by most companies involved in digital product and service selling. But this process takes time.

For something like “quick and flash” the Seamless AI’s buyer intent data feature is definitely helpful. This agile practice would help your team to be better positioned to identify cross-selling opportunities, confidently talk to new clients, and speeding up the overall sales pitch process.

You will need either a Pro or Enterprise plan or the purchase of additional monthly credits to get most of this premium feature.

AI Writer Tool

Indeed, generating new leads isn’t limited to researching buyer intent data. Shooting a well driven sales pitch email is also important at times.

This is where an AI writer tool would play its role intelligently for your sales professionals. It is an add-on feature offered only in high-tired plans by the Seamless AI.

Trained on AI modules, it generates highly-qualified sales copy, email campaign content, follow-up content, social posts, cold outreach content, and much more to use during the sales pitch process.

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How Much Is Seamless AI?

How much does cost? Before getting into the pricing plans insight, seamless ai has a total four pricing plans.

1. Free plan
2. Basic plan
3. Pro plan
4. Enterprise

Seamless AI Pricing
Seamless AI Pricing

Free plan is best for beginners looking to embrace seamless air volatility for their operations. It is good for learning purposes and understanding the ins and outs of the platform.

The basic plan is recommended for small size organizations that could assist your small sales team with real-time search engine, enterprise security, premium integration, etc. There is a free trial available to try.

The Pro plan is well suitable for large enterprises with multiple client dealing and constant cold calling operations. You will get credit refresh features, email addresses, cell phones, pitch intelligence, and many more professional features.

The Enterprise feature is recommended when you want full-fledged use of seamless AI for your business and beyond. The additional features include Autopilot, data enrichment, and buyer intent data along with live chat support, onboarding specialist, priority support queue, etc.

Plans Free Trail Price
Free Forever free No Cost (free to use)
Basic Yes $147/mo (free trail available)
Pro No Contact Sales
Enterprise No Contact Sales

How To Get Started With Seamless AI Sales Software?

1. Getting started with is straightforward. Head to the website and start by clicking the “Get 50 Free Credits” button navigation menu.

Click on Get 50 Free Credits
Click on Get 50 Free Credits

2. Now, it will take you to the sign up page. Sign up to the website by providing information such as name, business email, company name, and password.

Seamless Sign Up
Seamless Sign Up

3. Once your sign up process is completed successfully, you will be prompted to install chrome extension. Installing the extension will offer you 20 free leads. However, you can skip this option at will.

Seamless AI Chrome Extension
Seamless AI Chrome Extension

4. At the next screen, you would be asked to export CRMs at one click. This option would help you connect with your favorite CRMs for easy accessibility and management. In case you don’t wish to do it at that time, you can skip it and add later.

Seamless AI Integration Tools Examples
Seamless AI Integration Tools Examples

5. Now you have to set up your dashboard. will ask you some questions and you have to answer accordingly. Remember that your dashboard will be set up based on the answer you provided.

This process can’t be skipped and is important. The further tools and filters will work accordingly after you complete your profile.

You have made it half…! Half way is more to go…!

Running your first sales search

After setting up your dashboard, you can perform your first sales search practice. You can take a tour or simply get started by yourself.

Searching is easy with filters as you can explore by seniority level, department, job title, industries or technologies, companies or websites, and location.

It will pop up with recommended contacts for your concluding company and email including phone number and location.

Saving a contact

When you have the list on your dashboard based on filters, now you want to browse a good contact to find a good lead.

Tap on the “Find” button to get started.

At this moment, Seamless AI’s technology works in the background that scours the internet to find relevant information.

After taking some minute or two, it will show you email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and social media accounts.

To add the contact to a list, click the “Set lists” link.

A dialog box will appear which allows you to save your contact by creating a list name and save it by clicking on the “Save” button.

That’s how you can save your contacts from Besides this, you can use AI writer tools and search intent premium features to gain more benefits from the software.


Seamless AI Review: Pros & Cons

For many reasons, Seamless AI is recommended for use for B2B and B2C operations. It is especially helpful for marketers and sales reps to efficiently trump their objectives and targets in time.

Pros of Seamless AI

✔️ It is an excellent tool for marketers and sales to source new leads.

✔️ One-click sync with popular CRMs including Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho CRM.

✔️ Intelligent AI feature to assist in every campaign of your sales pipeline.

✔️ Premium AI writer tool for generating sales pitch content for high-quality results.

Cons of Seamless AI

❌ Basic plan won’t help you much when your organization is dealing with large sales and marketing responsibilities.

❌ Sometimes customer support can be frustrating.

Final Thought On Seamless AI

It would not be wrong to say that is a reliable ally for B2B marketers. The level of features it offers is reasonably considerable as per price tag.

Also, the overall features and performance of the software is valued by our team. However, there is a bit of a UI glitch we noticed but that’s considerable to go.

In the end, seamless ai is the best sales lead generation platform for any scale of business. Hyped with its overall features!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does have a free trial?

Yes, offers a free trial to its registered users. Its basic plan can be accessed for a limited time as a free trial.

What does seamless ai do?

Seamless AI uses artificial intelligence that finds potential clients information such as their name, email address, phone number, etc.

Is there anything better than

Seamless AI is definitely one of a kind in its nature but there are many software programs similar to Zoominfo, SalesOS, and UpLead are similar to Seamless AI.

What type of businesses can use software?

Businesses of any nature and size can use seamless AI as a companion for marketers and sales. Additionally, it is suitable for freelancers for most marketing things.

Can I integrate apps with seamless ai?

Absolutely yes, seamless ai allows marketers to integrate most of their dependable apps with at a click of a button. Popular softwares available for integration include Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Outreach.

What level of support does offer?

Seamless AI has a network of dedicated support management, things include FAQs, Email, Help Desk, Chat, and Phone Support.

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