Beta Character AI: Everything You Want To Know! (2024 Guide)

What Is Beta Character AI? Comprehensive Review + FAQs

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Updated On January 31, 2024

New AI chatbot called Beta Character AI turning individuals into AI therapist bots!

Beta Character AI breaks the odds in the context of AI chatbots.

Know what is, its features, tech terminology, and walkthrough guide in detail.

What Is Character AI Or Beta Character AI?

What Is Beta Character AI
Character AI Logo

Character AI or Beta Character AI or Character.AI is a new iteration in artificial intelligence, illustrated as an online chatbot platform that allows users to create and interact with AI-chatbots in dialogue format.

Embracing GPT technology at its heart, Character AI’s output is more human-like and resonates respective character emotions, offering different perspectives.

Being said that it made me compare with ChatGPT platform, but the unique thing about Character AI is that it allows you to chat with more than one bot at a time. Thus making it a great and best AI chatbot alternative.

Any independent users on can:

  • Create highly interactive and personalized characters.
  • Avatar characters according to their requirements.
  • Unlimited free messaging and text-based conversation.
  • Host chat rooms to interact privately with their characters.

Being said that, the platform is spontaneous and highly-rated for dialogue-based interaction. Many users have developed and deployed fictional, historical, and celebrity characters each distinct in personas and emotions.

Beta Character AI incorporates the following features:

Access To Feed feed is a place where you can see chats and rooms that people have shared on the platform. It runs in real-time and updates are delivered based on the efficiency of the system performance.

When you are inside the feed, you can like the chat, read comments, share with others, and report any mishappening to the platform.

Create Section

Using the “Create” feature of beta character AI, users can create a character, room, and persona as well.

“Create a character” feature will ask you to provide information about your character creation.

“Create a room” feature lets you create a room for entertainment.

“Create a persona” feature lets chatbot know about your personality, gender, age, and more to provide better responses.


The “Chats” feature your recent chatting with the bots. Additionally, if you have created a room or joined someone, it will be displayed here. You can edit rooms and chats as well.


Community features a range of tips, announcements, and updates straight from the Beta Character AI professionals. You can also report a problem and feature requests at a glance.

Who & Why Developed Beta Character AI?

Beta Character AI was launched in September 2022 by former Google AI developers Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas.

The reason to develop is to provide users an alternative to ChatGPT and similar to alike. However, Beta Character AI encompasses neural network language to anticipate text. Custom chatbot creation makes chatbot different from ChatGPT and Janitor AI.

What Are The Technology Behind Character.AI? is developed on top of artificial intelligence technology including ground-breaking machine learning models and large language models.

These technologies powered chatbots to understand, interact, and analyze text-based conversation in human language.

Additionally, these technologies are not limited to the verge of AI-based tools. You can see their implications in real time, such as machine learning for object detection in self-driving cars that also incorporate large language models, object detection models, and other technologies to procure accuracy to the source.

How Does Character AI Work? (With Video)

Talking about the main highlight of this platform, built on large language models (LLMs), and other associated technology like deep learning, it disperse conversation like those biggest personality communicates, for example; Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, and more.

Beta Character AI works similar to other typical chatbot creations with AI and ML. Generally, they produce new text by analyzing the sentiments, words, and prompt in the input. chatbots are mostly personalized with users’ mindset such as game-based sentiments, comedy chatbot, image generating chatbot, Anime game characters, etc.

As these utilizes on-going data models and machine learning, it delivers relevant results based on user’s input and query. However, Beta Character AI is still behind the legacy of ChatGPT’s competence.


Benefits Of Using Character AI

As much as our team is able to review Character AI in real-time, following are the benefits that we have come to know so far.

  • It’s great in dialogue with different characters.
  • Discover and chat with great personalities like Edward Cullen.
  • Create your own characters to interact with.
  • With Android and iOS apps, take Character AI wherever you go.
  • Huge glossary of themes including helpers, games, image generating bosts, more.

These are a few benefits that our team experts have noticed for Character AI while reviewing the software from scratch.

How To Log In Beta Character AI?

how to login
how to login

Follow the steps below in order to log in successfully on

  • Open browser and search for
  • Click on “Log In” icon (appear at the right top corner)
  • Choose preferred login options like Google, Discord, and Facebook.
  • Enter your email address, user ID to login

Once you login at the platform, you can begin creating your own character.

How To Create A Character In Beta Character AI Website?

how to create a character on beta character ai
how to create a character on beta character ai

Follow the steps below to create your own chatbot character:

  • Click on the “Create” icon and then “Create a Character” option.
  • Fill the information asking for character names, greeting messages, and visibility rules.
  • Upload a image for your avatar.
  • That’s done! Click on “Create and Chat!” button.

How To Create A Room In Beta Character AI Platform?

how to create a room on
how to create a room on

Follow the steps below to create a room on

  • Click on the “Create” icon and then “Create a Room” option.
  • Enter “Room Name”, “Add Characters”, and “Room Topic”.
  • Hit the “Create Room” button.

In room mode, the conversation starts between the selected characters by you. You don’t need to prompt advice or instructions to carry further process. It’s much like group discussion.

How To Create A Persona In Beta Character AI?

how to create a room on
how to create a room on

Follow the steps below to create a persona on

  • Click on the “Create” icon and then “Create a Persona” option.
  • In the name box, enter your persona you want to keep.
  • In the next box, inform your character about your age, gender, and more.
  • At last, save change and go home.

From now, your chatbot recognizes the updated persona and uses it for further tasks.

How To Share Characters In Character.AI?

how to share character on
how to share character on

Sharing your character on is easy and simple. Do remember that only public visible characters can be shared within the platform. Here’s how to do:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the character from the list.
  • Click on the “Share” button.
  • Choose the medium to share your character.
  • Login to the selected app to complete the share successfully.

You can also share characters of other developers chatbot.

How To Listen Chatbot Voice In Character.AI?

Other than generating text on, users can also listen to generated text in voice. Listening to a voice can eliminate users to read long text manually.

You can enable chatbot voice only while you are chatting to the character. Click on “three-dot” icon and select “Enable Character Voice”

How To Upload Profile Image On Character.AI?

Users can add profile images in two ways. Firstly, by uploading images from the gallery and secondly, by creating using text prompt.

Go to your profile section and click on the “+” icon on your profile image. After this select any one from the two. Once uploaded, click on the “Done” button.

How To Log Out From Character.AI?

Follow the steps below to perform logout function from the Beta Character AI:

  • Go to your profile section.
  • Click on the “Profile setting” option.
  • Select “Preferences” and click on “Logout”.

The good news is Beta Character AI is also available for Android and iOS devices. There is a mobile app on both platforms with the name “Character AI” that gives you equivalent features like you get in the browser.

What Are The Limitations Of Character AI?

Character AI is a good example of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot, but it does have limitations. Unlike other AI chatbots like ChatGPT, many users have generated false results, called hallucinations.

Another false slate we have noticed is in image generation. While it allows you to generate images but they do not belong to the same class of AI art generator or upscaler, it’s different.


Final Thought On Character AI

Character AI is a good platform for those interested in AI chatbot creation. Though it lacks efficiency in response but could be good to use for fun and engaging conversation with those personalities ruling the world.

Beta Character AI is the year’s new AI-based chatbot website where intelligent agents live and answer brilliantly. Indeed, it offers an entirely different experience to ChatGPT.

It is a good platform for individuals who want to design and develop their own chatbot and interact with them for results. However, the response time is a bit slow, which is why you can consider upgrading to Character AI plus.

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Beta Character AI FAQs

Is beta character ai down?

No, beta character ai is not down. The platform is working fine and it has daily visitors of 120K.

Is ai beta character free to use?

Yes, beta character ai is free to use. Users get unlimited messaging features in the free version. However, the platforms offer paid version to enjoy most of

What are the rules to follow?

The community of has set some rules such as keeping the website civil and respectful while following terms of use in mind to avoid suspension of the account.

Why is beta character ai not working?

Beta character ai may not work because of browser’s incompatibility or operating system requirements. However, on-going server maintenance may also cause not working.

How to bypass beta character ai filter?

To bypass beta character ai filters use the OOC technique. This reflects using parentheses like talking to a human. Use natural tone, avoid fault language, and consider SFW (Safe For Work) alternatives.

Can I create my own custom chatbot with Character ai?

Yes, users can create their own custom chatbot with a custom persona on AI beta characters.

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