Bobbie Formula Reviews 2024 (Read Before You Buy)

Bobbie Formula Reviews 2024 (Read Before You Buy)

by Alex Noah — 3 weeks ago in Review 7 min. read

When it comes to feeding baby milk, many parents think of the best infant formula at a glance.

As of now, the revenue in the baby milk and infant formula market amounts to US$53.57bn which is expected to grow annually by 5.51% (CAGR 2024-2028).

Most of the revenue capitalization includes Bobbie Formula, Kendamil, and Earth’s Best Organic.

Out of these, Bobbie Formula might be worth a try because it’s a trusted brand, and was once Bobbie Formula recalled by the FDA.

Today’s blog is all about Bobbie Baby Formula. You’ll get to know essential things before you consider it for your infants.

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What Is Bobbie Formula?

Bobbie Formula is the most trusted product brand for feeding milk-based powder to newborns up to 1 year.

One of its kind and the first European-style formula to be FDA-regulated in the US.

Having said that, it is similar to European formulas such as;

  • HiPP
  • Holle
  • Kendamil
  • Lebenswert

Bobbie’s formula ingredients are secretly simply for parents to feed their infants with feel-good, high-quality.

Features of Bobbie baby formula:

  • FDA recommended and thumbs it up.
  • European-inspired recipe.
  • Clean label purity award.
  • Certified USDA organic.

Apart from this, the Bobbie formula injects a direct-to-consumer business model, European-inspired regulations, and mom-led innovation, created by moms who were looking to supplement breastfeeding with formula.

How it works?

Bobbie formula business model is simple and easy to learn. It starts with the subscription model that allows parents to buy formula for their infants in the way they want and is best for them.

Parents enroll in the subscription-based formula that keeps them in the loop of Bobbie’s baby formula with several benefits like customizing the amount of formula, a two-can trial bundle, and more.

Bobbie formula is unique and engrosses various formulated vitamins and nutrients, including iron for healthy blood cell development to make the formula as close to breast milk as possible.

Why Is Bobbie Formula So Popular?

Bobbie was founded in 2018 by Laura Modi, and operated in San Francisco, California. In 2019, the FDA recalled an early version of Bobbie’s European-style formula due to some product labeling concerns.

Since then the company has taken great measures and precautions for sustainable and organic formula procurement for a better, healthier, and nutritional baby life.

I have concluded some reasons to say why parents love Bobbie organic baby formula.

Reason 1 – Bobbie is a safe option

To put it simply, Bobbie baby formula meets all the FDA requirements. It’s a green signal by the authority for parents to feed their infants with ingredient-sourcing practices of EU infant formulas.

Reason 2 – Bobbie supports easy digestion

Bobbie Organic Infants formula includes 60% whey and 40% casein – which supports easy digestion. Other than this, the company approaches tasty, nutrient-dense milk originating from happy and healthy pasture-raised cows.

Reason 3 – Use of high-quality ingredients

Bobbie products are one of a kind because of the company’s legacy of holding on to quality ingredients and rigorous tests. It has received both the Clean Label Project Purity Award and Pesticide Free certification.

To make formula similar to the nutritional facts of breastfeeding, the company tests for over 400 industrial and environmental contaminants and toxins, to ensure it meets its objective.

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Is Bobbie Formula Good For Newborns?

According to the Forbes statement, Bobbie formula includes DHA, iron, and vitamin D supplementation including certified organic consumptions in both the U.S. and EU.

It also enlists ingredients that parents can happily feed to their children. In addition to this, Bobbie’s formula does not contain corn syrup, corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, sucrose, maltodextrin, or other alternate carb sources.

This gradually makes the company formula one of a kind and super healthy for newborns up to 12 months.

Bobbie’s Feeding Guide

When it comes to testing the product in actuality, your first constraint would be ‘how many bottles can I make with one can of Bobbie?’

  • For infants aged between 1-4 weeks, the daily volume is 6-10 bottles.
  • For 1 month, the daily volume is 7-8 bottles.
  • For 2 months to 6 months, the daily volume is 5-6 bottles.
  • For 6 months to 11 months, the daily volume is 4-5 bottles.

Based on the above requirements, here’s the feeding guide that at some believe provided by Bobbie.

Infants Age Variation Daily Volume Proximate Feeding Frequency Monthly Bundle Size (Fully Bundle) Monthly Bundle Size (Combo Feeding 50/50)
1-4 weeks (newborn) 6-10 (3fl. oz) bottles Every 2 to 3 hours 8 cans 4 cans
1 month 7-8 (4fl. oz) bottles Every 2 to 3 hours 8 cans 4 cans
2 month 5-6 (5fl. oz) bottles Every 3 to 4 hours 8 cans 4 cans
3 month 5-6 (7fl. oz) bottles Every 4 hours 10 cans 8 cans
4 month 5-6 (7fl. oz) bottles Every 4 to 5 hours 10 cans 8 cans
5 month 5-6 (7ft. oz) bottles Every 4 to 6 hours 10 cans 8 cans
6 to 11 month 4-5 (8fl. oz) bottles Every 4 to 6 hours 10 cans 8 cans
12 month 3-4 (4fl. oz) bottles Every 4 to 6 hours 8 cans 4 Cans

* the term “Fully Feeding” represents your infants feeding through Bobbie formula all time, excluding breastfeeding.

* the term “Combo Feeding” refers to combining breastfeeding and formula feeding, giving your infants both breast and bottle.

What’s The Cost Of Bobbie Formulas?

Those parents thinking starting of Bobbie formula for their infants might be wondering about the cost.

Bobbie has two formula products:

1. Bobbie Organic Infant Formula

Cost: 400g for $26 | 14.1 oz | makes about 105 fl. Oz. | $0.25 per fl. oz.

Key things:

  • DHA
  • Iron
  • Whey Protein
  • Organic Lactose
  • Organic Expellerpressed fat blended
  • Organic American grass-fed milk

Nutritional facts:

Nutritional facts of Bobbie organic infant formula
Nutritional facts of Bobbie organic infant formula (Bobbie formula review)

Ingredients of Bobbie formula:

Ingredients of Bobbie organic infant formula
Ingredients of Bobbie organic infant formula (Bobbie formula review)

2. Bobbie Organic Gentle Infant Formula

Cost: 400g for $28 14.1 oz | makes about 106 fl. Oz. | $0.26 per fl. Oz. or, (Subscription starts at $112)

Key things:

  • 100% partially hydrolyzed whey protein
  • 100% lactose carbohydrates
  • No palm oil or corn syrup
  • No soy allergens

Nutritional facts:

Nutritional facts of Bobbie organic gentle infant formula
Nutritional facts of Bobbie organic gentle infant formula (Bobbie formula review)

Ingredients of Bobbie formula:

Ingredients facts of Bobbie organic gentle infant formula
Ingredients facts of Bobbie organic gentle infant formula (Bobbie formula review)

How Is Bobbie Formula Different From Other Formulas?

If I compared Bobbie Formula with other brands selling out in the United States, differences are noticeable.

Following are the thoughts on how the Bobbie formula is different from other formulas:

Inclusion Of High-Quality Ingredients That Pass FDA Regulations

A Variety of ingredients goes into the Bobbie formula to match the satisfaction level of parents. It includes high-quality ingredients and is free from many questionable ingredients found in most US brands.

Legacy Of Organic Dairy Products From Pasture-Raised Cows

Another reason that separates Bobbie Baby formula from other brands is the legacy of using milk from grass-fed cows raised in Organic Valley family-owned farms.

Water-Extracted Omega-3 DHA

Keeping your infant’s brain healthy is an important factor. Bobbie formula does conclude water-extracted omega-3 concentration for healthy brain development.

According to Bobbie, the majority of their products meet the EU standards of 20 mg per 100 kcal of DHA. In addition to this, their formulas don’t contain palm oil as it reduces bone mineralization and can calcium absorption.


Pros & Cons Of Bobbie Formula

Bobbie Formula is good for babies from newborn to 1-year maximum. The formula contains innumerable amount of nutritional facts, savory, and wellness facts.

Despite its many advantages, it has some drawbacks. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Bobbie Formula.


  • Offered in various sizes to accommodate different needs.
  • Formulated with careful precautions that resemble the nutritional profile of breast milk.
  • The subscription model ensured consistent supply during the formula shortage.
  • Fully organic and FDA-approved formula ensures safety and healthy growth of infants.


  • At some, the formula is not available in the stores or pharmacies.
  • Bobbie’s prices are higher than a generic store brand formula, thus expensive.

Ending Notes!

I have read some reviews of Bobbie baby formula that talk about many great things about the products at most. Many of them positively recommend it to others or new parents still unfamiliar with the Bobbie formula, while some complain over price and subscription model alike.

Ending this blog, Bobbie formula mimics the European formula standards which truly bind parents with trust, happy feeding, and smiles to infants with the promise of a healthier life.

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Additional Bobbie Formula FAQs

Is Bobbie's formula good for babies?

Based on the media's verdict, the Bobbie formula is safe, good, and healthy for babies. It’s FDA-approved and awarded with many awards.

Is Bobbie formula closest to breastmilk?

The development process and the standard protocols that the company verdict reflects that the formula is close to breastmilk and provides higher nutritional elements to infants.

Why is Bobbie so expensive?

Bobbie formula uses one-of-a-kind experiments and tactics that surge prices too high. Better quality, high nutritional facts, and trust make the brand promising among parents.

Is Bobbie baby formula FDA approved?

Yes, the bobbie baby formula is Food and Drug Administration-approved for feeding infants.

Was Bobbie formula recalled?

Yes, in 2019 the FDA recalled the earlier version of Bobbie formula products, and today the brand become the No.1 choice in the United States.

What’s unique about Bobbie’s ingredients?

The things that make the Bobbie ingredients so unique are non-GMO, pasture-raised milk, and essential fatty acids.

Does Bobbie have palm oil?

No, Bobbie does not include palm oil in their standards protocol for making infant formula.

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